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  Date of Birth
  14 January 1997, Bordeaux, France

  5' 6?" (1.68 m)
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  Wendy-Anne Daloz was born on January 14, 1997 in Bordeaux, France. She is an actress, known for Something's in the Water and Kaidan: Sekai no ma (2013).

  Trivia (4)
  As she is bilingual, she acted and did the voiceover in French and in English for the short movie Beat Bullying at the age of sixteen for the Council of Europe.

  She is currently spending half her years in London and the other half in Strasbourg for her studies. She studies English, French, British acting and French acting.
  Grew up in France and England.
  She went to two European schools.
  Personal Quotes (11)
  At the age of six, Orlando Bloom inspired me to become an actress. It is particularly these heroic and fantastical characters that he portrayed that made me feel like I was diving into another realm. That is what I love so much about acting!
  I love taking photos outdoors. I write one diary page and take one video diary everyday in order to look back as much possible and how I have improved throughout my journey.
  I love being outdoors, swimming, cycling for at least four hours and to feel the wind in my face with some lovely music in my ears.
  I plan a lot in order to do what needs to be done. Making every day count and working hard to get what you want makes a great story for your future self. However, I find that taking time for yourself and having a little indulgence is necessary.
  I believe that it is important to not try in emulating another's actor's journey. It really is about creating yourself and finding what works for you.
  As a teenager, I never really lived in the reality of our world. Since I was six, I always dived into the fantasy of the movies. They are part of who I am. For instance, when I walk in the street, I always pretend I am not myself but a character from a movie.
  Moving in Oxford at the age of 10 was scary for me. I left my best friends behind. However, I am so grateful I had the opportunity to find my English side and to meet people from so many cultures.
  Staying active all the time alters your world.
  The best advice that I have been given is to never be afraid and have fun with it !
  I am so privileged to speak English and French fluently ever since I was born. It feels as if I have two different sides to myself.
  I can be a very contradictory person. One minute, I would listen to Celtic music from Irish Composer Adrian Von Ziegler and then I would listen to Led Zeppelin
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